The never-ending diffusion of new compounds, joined with the unlimited Internet marketplace, poses a constant challenge to health and other professionals, policy makers and regulatory authorities, and skyrockets the risks for the most vulnerable and exposed individuals.

In this alarming context, ReDNet sponsored by the European Commission (GA 20091216), was able to improve intelligence and generate original data on the availability and misuse of over 700 new drugs and products containing them. Our research group monitors the Internet on daily basis in eight different languages and disseminates evidence-based information via a multitude of tools, such as mobile phone technology, virtual learning environments, video-clips, social networking and a large number of scientific publications.


SMAIL is an innovative free texting system designed for professionals working in the field of substance abuse/misuse, especially including new psychoactive substances. It enables registered users to receive regular emails/ text messages containing fact-sheets with scientifically-based and updated information on the nature and the risks of novel compounds; receive regular SMS/emails that contain invitations to events/meetings; send SMS with the name of a drug/topic and automatically receive an SMS and/or email containing the requested information.

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